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    John H. Donboli Testifies at Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Proposed Changes to California “Made in USA” Statute”

    10.09.14 /

    Del Mar Law Group, LLP attorney John Donboli had the privilege of providing testifying before the California Senate Judiciary Committee on January 14, 2014 regarding a proposed change to California’s “Made in USA” labeling law. SB 661 was a Senate bill that sought to dilute California’s “Made in USA” standard. The California Senate Judiciary was quick to reject the attempt set forth in SB 661. In fact, the Chair of the Committee noted the importance of the 100% California standard in her purchasing decision at 14:38 mark of the video. The entire discussion and the California Senate Judiciary Committee’s ultimate rejection of the proposed change as set forth in SB 661 can be viewed here. Mr. Donboli’s comments begin at the 11:29 mark of the video.