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    Steven A. Sobel

    Steven A. Sobel is a partner with Del Mar Law Group, LLP. Mr. Sobel’s practice focuses on all areas of civil litigation. He has an extensive background in environmental matters, including asbestos and chemical product claims, along with vast experience in multi-plaintiff product liability claims, class actions, mass tort, toxic tort, along with construction and coverage litigation at both the trial court and appellate levels. Mr. Sobel has represented Fortune 500 companies as national coordinating counsel and trial counsel in areas ranging from food and dietary products to the automotive field to large-scale construction management. Mr. Sobel also focuses on the rising trend of foodborne illness claims (California Sherman Act).

    In his 20+ years of practice, Mr. Sobel has worked with most major insurance carriers. He is familiar with, and helped draft, insurance carrier guidelines and has assisted with the audit and compliance process. Mr. Sobel is a member of the State Bar of California and is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in California. In a competitive field with a number of choices, Mr. Sobel truly values and appreciates his clients and takes great pride in achieving outstanding results.

    Mr. Sobel also breeds and races thoroughbred horses, an interest that has led to representing owners, breeders, and trainers in a variety of equine related issues before both courts and administrative agencies. In addition to horses, Mr. Sobel enjoys coaching youth sports and time with his family.