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    Our Areas of Specialty

    Del Mar Law Group, LLP represents a wide range of clients spanning from individuals to large companies. Our attorneys have significant and relevant experience handling a wide variety of legal issues, including employment issues, business litigation, Whistleblowing lawyer, real estate litigation as well as mass torts and class action litigation. We also have extensive experience in handling product liability lawsuits on behalf of injured individuals. Our lawyers also serve as general counsel for companies and help advise industry leaders in various business sectors. Lawyers are professional legal eagles that help you when you are in a fixed situation in the hands of the law courts. These individuals can save you from undergoing the severe justice of the court. They also help one to get the rights one deserves if the rights are being violated. Lawyers also assist people in getting the required legalities they need. Most people do not know the importance of lawyers until they are faced with a callous situation. They conjecture that lawyers are only remunerative when they are in a fix. The importance of lawyers is very diverse. They are experts in a broad field not only in handling cases but also in the providence of legal advice. They are legal personnel who are detailed on all legalities in every area. They can predominantly assist you whenever you are stuck in your decisions. Learn more on the importance of lawyers and the ground on why we should count on them. By reviewing this prodigious website, you will comprehend the benefits. Sometimes a problem may turn and become a reality legal proceeding and so these will be the only people who can help you in such a situation.

    Different Cases

    Our primary practice areas include:

    Environmental / Toxic Tort

    Environmental / Toxic Tort Del Mar Law Group, LLP attorneys routinely provide counsel to and help defend our clients from environmental, toxic tort, and/or asbestos…

    Class Action Litigation

    Class Action Attorneys A “Class Action” is a legal device in which one or more individuals maintain a legal action on behalf of themselves and…

    Employment Litigation

    Employment Litigation Attorneys Del Mar Law Group, LLP attorneys aggressively represents our clients in a wide variety of employment related claims, breach of contract cases…

    Intellectual Property

    Patent & Intellectual Property (IP) Attorneys Del Mar Law Group, LLP attorneys are committed to the pursuit and protection of our clients’ intellectual property rights….

    Personal Injury

    Personal Injury Attorneys Del Mar Law Group, LLP has the expertise, creative strategy, and compassion to help you successfully resolve your personal injury claim. Personal…

    Product Liability

    Product Liability Attorneys Every day consumers buy a variety of products with the assumption that the products are safe to use and pose little risk…

    Diverse Experience

    Del Mar Law Group, LLP was formed in 2005 by Sean Slattery and John H. Donboli and has grown to five full-time attorneys and a full-time paralegal. Although the law firm was founded almost a decade ago, each of our attorneys offers a wealth of wisdom gained at other firms and at Del Mar Law Group. Our diverse law firm allows us to strategically handle every variety of litigation matter, from relatively simple single party cases to complex civil litigation matters. Our experienced attorneys communicate closely with our clients to coordinate a proven and focused strategy for all of our cases.

    Schedule a Free Consultation

    If you are looking for a creative and strategic group of attorneys, then look no further. At Del Mar Law Group, LLP our attorneys strive to best assist our clients regardless of the size of their case. We encourage you to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation. Please either call us at 858-793-6244 or contact us by submitting an online inquiry today.