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    Environmental / Toxic Tort

    Del Mar Law Group, LLP attorneys routinely provide counsel to and help defend our clients from environmental, toxic tort, and/or asbestos related claims. Del Mar Law Group, LLP has experienced attorneys who represent clients across the full spectrum of environmental and toxic tort related issues and litigation. Notably, Del Mar Law Group, LLP represented the California State Board of Equalization (“BOE”) in high-profile litigation involving allegations of exposure to allegedly toxic substances filed on behalf of 31 BOE employees (past and then current employees) in California Superior Court – County of Sacramento. Del Mar Law Group, LLP’s aggressive defense strategy helped ensure a satisfactory resolution of the case pursuant to a “summary-judgment strategy” devised in large part by Del Mar Law Group, LLP attorneys.

    Del Mar Law Group, LLP prides itself in being able to resolve most cases through individually tailored defense strategies that are specific to each of our clients. Our attorneys work with our client to resolve their cases using the appropriate approach, whether via an informal settlement strategy, an aggressive approach involving aggressive motion practice, and, to the extent necessary, trial and/or binding arbitration.